What’s next?

WGW Financial

Step 1

Set Up A Call

Let’s take a few minutes for a call so we can answer any questions you have, introduce ourselves, and make sure this is a good fit for you. You’ll be speaking directly with the rep who’ll be handling your books, not a sales person. We’ll confirm a specific time with you by email first.

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Step 2

Sign Up

Setting up your monthly account is easy. Then we also need to get your year to date numbers in to be able to do your taxes. See the chart below for November and December set up fees. This one time fee covers all your year to date numbers. We can talk about which option is best for you in our introductory call.

Back Work Options

Send a CSV file exported from another program. We can take a CSV export from any bookkeeping program, or one you've put together yourself. We'll review all your numbers for the year to date.

Access an existing QB account. If you're already using QuickBooks, you can give us access to your existing account. We automatically do a review of what you've got there for the year to date.

Use the starting balance in each category. Tell us what you've spent on advertising, inventory, etc. for the year as of your starting month with us. There will be no individual transaction records before this month. If you're not sure of these numbers, we'll work it out with you during your set up call.


Contact Us

If you don’t want a call just yet and have basic questions, feel free to contact us through the Facebook Messenger button at the bottom of your screen for a chat, or by using this form if you prefer a response by email.

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