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◦ No More Bookkeeping Data Entry ◦
◦ Free Annual Income Tax Returns ◦
◦ Designed For Sole Proprietors ◦

Designed For You

If you’re self-employed, you have enough to do. The last thing you need is bookkeeping data entry or to scramble at tax time. Let us do it all for you with one affordable monthly package that includes full service bookkeeping AND your federal and state income tax returns.

DIY Platforms vs WGW

DIY Platforms

Easy Data Entry

It might be easy, but you still have to enter transactions or review imported ones, and you need to know where they go to optimize your tax savings.

WGW Full Service

No Data Entry

We’ll import transactions from your accounts, or you can upload your account statements in our client area. Either way, we’ll take it from there.

Be Ready For Tax Time

You’ll be organized to attack those taxes, with everything in one place and hopefully matching the fields on your return. You still do your own taxes.

Forget About Tax Time

We prepare your federal and state income tax returns for you. Just upload the last minute tax forms you receive in February and we’ll put it all together.

Trusted Advisers

You get access to customer support through a forum or help ticket, normally for how to use the platform, not always personal advice.

Trusted Adviser

Your trusted adviser here is a dedicated rep with a personal knowledge of your business. It’s the same person every time.

Automated Connections

Normally you separate your business and personal on a platform, meaning importing data is only easy if you only import business accounts.

Personal Connections

We know most sole proprietors mix business and personal expenses in the same accounts. Mix as you please. We’ll sort it all out for you.

Who We Work With

We specialize in sole proprietors and their unique tax situations. If you are your business, we’re probably a fit. If you file a Schedule C (in your name, DBA, or sole proprietor LLC), we definitely are. We’ve helped Amazon/eBay/Wish marketplace sellers, stand alone online store retailers, independent consultants, real estate agents, authors, pet sitters, musicians, landlords, photographers, straight commission sales people, short gig freelancers, and more.


What We Do For You

What Else You Can Do

If What We Do For You has you covered, great. If not, download the app and use these additional features at no extra charge.


"Fast, efficient, and so affordable. Personal attention made all the difference in getting us down to as small a tax bill as possible. I only wish I had found this three years ago, as I found out that I have been overpaying by thousands. It's the best value around."
Doggy Houser MD
Doggy Daycare
"WGW not only prepared our taxes, but gave us a thorough walk-through of what we needed to know to save as much as possible, this year and next."
John Leask
Sales Consultant
"Selling on multiple marketplaces and stand alone stores hasn't complicated a thing. I know right where I am every month, in one place."
WVW Marketplace
Online Retailer


If you’re not sure which plan meets your needs or have special circumstances, let us show you where you fit or talk to you about a custom solution just for you.







Example 1 – You run a small service business. All your income goes into one bank account (1st Account). You use that one account and one other credit card (2nd Account) to pay your business expenses. You accept payments through one payment processor (3rd Account). You’re on the Micro plan. 

Example 2 – You’re a freelancer. Your income gets deposited to your checking account (1st Account) and your savings account (2nd Account). You pay your business expenses through those accounts and one credit card (3rd Account). You accept payments through PayPal (4th Account), Apple Pay (5th Account),  and one credit card processor (6th Account). You’re on the Standard plan. 

Example 3 – You’re an online retailer. All your income goes into one bank account (1st Account). You use that one account and two credit cards (2nd And 3rd Accounts) to pay your business expenses. You sell on eBay (4rd Account), Amazon (5th Account), and Etsy (6th Account). You also sell on your own website and accept payments through a credit card payment processor (7th Account), PayPal (8th Account), Google Pay (9th Account), and Venmo (10th Account). You’re on the Plus plan.